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Thread: Leica D Lux 5 Video vs. Fuji X100

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    Leica D Lux 5 Video vs. Fuji X100

    Can anybody shed some light on the video quality of the Leica D Lux 5? I'm about to buy one to upgrade from my D Lux 4 and was wandering if anybody had tested out the video quality on the 5.

    I'm also curious between the 5 and Fuji x100 which one wins in the video quality. I heard pretty terrible reviews about the manual focusing on the x100 so ultimately I have ruled out that camera until maybe the x200 or least a serious firmware update, but I am certainly still curious. Thanks in advanced.


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    Re: Leica D Lux 5 Video vs. Fuji X100

    The Leica D Lux 5 would probably be better for video since it's a facial reconstruction of LX-5, and would have similar video manual control properties.

    Fujifilm's X100 video options (or lack of) is my Achilles' heel.

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