I want to record my attempts here to shoot video (via XZ-1, table-top stand, and using a radio mic to feed the SEMA sound-in attachment in the XZ-1's hotshoe).

I will be on the road more than not in the coming months, and in addition to stills that we will use for our workshops (not photography related) I want to shoot video of parts of the workshops themselves (but using the stereo mic that comes as part of the SEMA kit), as well as shoot an occasional vlog to keep my team in Australia up to date with what I'm doing.

The vlog is where I see the lapel mic and transmitter-receiver system working the best—especially if the AF of the XZ-1 can keep me in focus as I walk around or demo an exercise.

I have pro video gear (and DSLRs, for that matter) but as my lifestyle gets increasingly mobile, I am finding that for my personal and/or web-based work, I am happy to sacrifice the undoubtedly better quality of the pro gear for the sheer convenience of being able to carry it all around in a tiny bag. The Sony receiver and transmitter are less than the size of the XZ-1, the tripod is tiny too; I will take an image of the whole setup and post later this week.

Check in here from time to time, please, and let's talk to each other about how decent sound and vision might be able to be recorded with these little toys.

cheers to all, KL