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Thread: D-Lux 4 + C-Lux 3 info and photo

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    D-Lux 4 + C-Lux 3 info and photo

    Check it out (google translation of polish site) or in Polish:ść-D...rmy_Leica.html

    ...sorry translate link not working for some reason... Google Translate will do it for you though

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    Re: D-Lux 4 + C-Lux 3 info and photo

    DPReview has the announcement up:

    I Googled to see if any vendors had it listed yet ... Dale Photo only one in US I found. $849 pre-order. Software is Capture One 4.

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    Re: D-Lux 4 + C-Lux 3 info and photo

    Pretty boring announcement, a rebadged LX3 for 300$ more but without the handgrip. But was to be expected when the LX3 came out, wonder why it took this long for the announcement.
    I sure hope Leica has a better announcement than this for Photokina. What is with the affordable Rangefinder? This is something Leice should focus on instead of overcharging people for rebadged cameras and the M8 (now 8.2).
    How about some innovation and selling cameras without inflated prices for the name alone?

    Now I am not a big fan of the DP1 but it definitely is a better value if one wants to spend 800$ for a overpriced camera.

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