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Thread: Large prints from the GX100

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    Mitch Alland

    Large prints from the GX100

    In earlier posting here and on pdreview I concluded on a preliminary basis that the GX100 files were a lot softer (contrast and sharpness) than GRD files and that I had to sharpen much more aggressively to get the look I wanted, that I was getting from the GRD. Now, I've finally had a chance to make some large prints (24x32 inches or 61x81cm) from GX100 files and the results have been good.

    This confirms my initial feeling that, while the GX100 files are softer than those of the GRD, they generally take well to sharpening, so that, most, but not all of the difference in the gap look between the two cameras can be closed by sharpening and contrast moves. However, in some cases, if one has to sharpen very much, the GX100 prints will suffer in quality. This is also a danger that one runs in processing ISO800 files from the GRD for large prints. On balance, therefore, my view is very similar to that of Ian.

    I still have not made any large prints with the GRD2, but, then, I have not yet taken any pictures with this camera that I think call for large prints.

    —Mitch/Bangkok[email protected]/

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    Mark Turney

    Re: Large prints from the GX100

    Great series of shots Mitch. Thanks as always for sharing.

    Mark T.

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