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Thread: GRD2 at ISO400 in very bright light

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    Mitch Alland

    GRD2 at ISO400 in very bright light

    As I like the look of ISO 400 with the GRD2 I've been experimenting to see how I can use it in the very bright light of noon at the beach in Thailand, in this case at Pranburi, which is 20 minutes south on Huahin, which in turn is two hours south of Bangkok, on the Gulf of Thailand. In such bright light with the high contrast of noon I I have found that shooting with Tri-X is a hit-or-miss affair terms of the results.

    In the first picture the people are in open shade, which, of course is very good light for portraiture, and the blown-out highlights in the upper right hand portion of the picture would be ssimilar with Tri-X. In the second picture, the light shines right through the palm trees. And the third is my favourite of these three, as I am interested in the way the composition is held together by the shadows, which help to produce a strong form and order in a visually complex scene.

    —Mitch/Huahin[email protected]/

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    Re: GRD2 at ISO400 in very bright light

    Mitch, I like that 3rd shot a lot. Are you using any exposure compensation?

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    Mitch Alland

    Re: GRD2 at ISO400 in very bright light

    Thanks, Mike. I'm using -0.3 EV.

    —Mitch/Bangkok[email protected]/

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