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Thread: LX3 and fluo

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    LX3 and fluo

    Some stuff I've shot with a cheap fluorescent light bar.

    Larger version:

    Larger version:

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    Re: LX3 and fluo

    Don't be postin' those silver LX3's around here.....

    hmmmmm, could I use 2 in any way......hmmmmm

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    Re: LX3 and fluo

    I'm shooting with a silver LX3 also. My first LX3, a black body, has a 21mm Voigtlander external viewfinder almost permanently mounted. Only time the viewfinder comes off is when I need to deploy the built in flash (usually for fill-in flash in bright sunlight, seldom to light up interiors). But I couldn't resist buying a 2nd body, on which I keep my black 40 mm Voigtlander E.V. I find that to be a great combination as well, because the max. aperture at 40 mm is still a surprisingly fast and very useful f2.5. Black on silver looks very classy. The LX3s currently in stock at the best prices seem to be the silver bodies. Black, for obvious reasons, commands a steeper price and seems to be on back order at lots of places.

    BTW, a tip for anyone interested in shooting with a shoe-mounted 40 mm E.V.: Just hit the zoom lever as soon as you turn on the camera; keep your eye on the "zoom bar" that comes on for a few seconds at the bottom of the LCD screen; take the marker exactly to the half-way point and that'll be the 40 mm setting; take it a tad shy of the 50% mark if you wish to err on the generous side, i.e., if you want the lens to capture just a bit more than you composed with the external viewfinder, in order to give yourself a safety factor in cropping. Turning off the LCD will help save battery power. You'll need to conserve power if you wish to walk around with the zoom set at 40mm for any length of time. If you go from RECORD to PLAYBACK in order to review your images, the camera won't delay long in returning the lens to full collapsed position.
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