Guy, Bob, Jack need to put an end to this nonsense of this man once and for all.

The members have patiently borne boring rants and pics with well whatever.

Then he jumped us with a Sony RX100. To gain our sympathy and audience.

Freaking shame, I say.

Any please excuse the lack of color, disabled video and all the razzmatazz that you are used to. Was a bit difficult to concentrate..honestly.

That, this buffoon says, is his heart. Could be..funny shape for it. Says he could not get a good exposure as the had stopped it for 8/9 hours.

Says his family and friends got together to do some plumbing on him. And Bob, his family friends from NH..promised me he would make sure I didn't feel a thing. They joined together with a Viking! Rayan knows these guys for ages.

And lastly, his friend Ali and Faisal...back from Cleveland agreed to do the plumbing for free.

One condition they all asked for...

No ****ing videos.

Credits: my son's inteventionalist cardiologists.
Rayyan's cardiac Back then they would play in the sand.
Bob and the Hun.

And a supporting cast of hundreds and thousands.

Thank you, one and all.

Pass that Ceegar!