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Thread: An iphone is enough for a newspaper photo

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    Re: An iphone is enough for a newspaper photo

    scary stuff, There will be a time that point where the IQ difference between dslr and mobile phones will converge, since we are seeing better tech each year from these tiny devices, just look at the 808 for instance. Whereas for larger DSLrs and mirrorless, the Iq improvement each year in getting less, and manufacturers seem to be concentrating on larger feature sets, fancy image processors, and stabilization technologies.

    With this there still is a place for these large sensor cameras, and thats for creative bokeh for fast aperture, large sensor design.

    Eventually though again that will be replaced by digital bokeh, which can be calculated using lytro technology. Fortunately the first gen lytro has not proven to be a threat since the quality was not all that good. But like any tech, it matures and improves with time

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