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Thread: GRDII Firmware UPDATE v2.2

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    Oxide Blu

    GRDII Firmware UPDATE v2.2

    Yeah another firmware update from our friends at Ricoh, version 2.2.

    Add the following features.

    [AF Target Shift Function] - The AF target shift function can now be used in modes other than the macro mode.

    The AF target shift function can now be operated using not only the ADJ. lever, but also the Fn (Function) button.

    [Settings That Can Be Saved in My Settings Mode]
    The following items can now be retained in [Reg. My Settings] on the setup menu.
    - Shutter speed and aperture value for the M mode (manual exposure mode)

    [Quick Set Function for Manual Exposure Mode]
    With the [M Mode Quick Set] function setting on the setup menu, you have options, Aperture, Shutter, or Program to make it available the Quick Set in the M mode.

    Modified the following phenomena.

    When you set the [Korean] in the Language setting, and assign the [Img Set] in the ADJ. lever, if you press the ADJ. lever to show the image setting menu, some unnecessary mark may appear.

    If you take a picture after you have set the [AdobeRGB] in the color space set, and have changed the [Img Set] from default, the icon that you set in the [Img Set] may not appear in a captured image in the playback mode.

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    Re: GRDII Firmware UPDATE v2.2

    Thanks for the heads up on this one Oxide. Might have missed it otherwise.


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    Re: GRDII Firmware UPDATE v2.2

    I upgraded to this version a while ago and haven't had any problems.
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