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Thread: Nokia N808 16GB folder limit ?

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    Nokia N808 16GB folder limit ?

    I recently ran into a stupid limitation of the N808, when using a 32 GB Micro SDHC Card in the middle of a shooting it suddenly stopped accepting images. There was plenty of space on the card left, after looking at the size it was 16 GB i remembered to fat 32 limitations and yes - the folder "Images" was filled with 16GB of images and would not store another one......
    So I left the folder and made another new Images2 folder and linked the camera output from CameraPro to this one. Voila - I was able to shoot again.

    So be aware this may happen, and if you are running into this , you know how to solve it. The stupid part is you have to watch carefully because the only sign your shot images are not stored in this status is the missing red save sign, even when you press save , there is no other warning. I lost about 20 images before I mentioned it.

    Greetings from Germany
    because photography is more than technology - and " as we have done this all the time " - -

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    Re: Nokia N808 16GB folder limit ?

    thanks for that tip. Luckily I use the default camera app provided by Nokia, which creates new folder names with ascending file numbers. Each folder can contain 100 files before it rolls over to the next folder. I just use Camera pro for special shots that require ultra high resolution

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    Re: Nokia N808 16GB folder limit ?

    Thanks for sharing details and your experience with us i am also thinking about to buy N808.

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