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Thread: GR2 Printing size

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    GR2 Printing size

    Hey guys!
    I am about to buy the ricoh gr2 just wondering about print sizes, up to how much do you think can I get a decent print?!

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    Re: GR2 Printing size

    Welcome Goncalo. I personally don't have the GRD2, but the GX200 and had the GX100. Many say that those images are less sharp than those of the GRD(1/2). I have done prints from both cameras up to A2 size (60 x 40 cm) and those were very decent in my opinion.

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    Re: GR2 Printing size

    I have done a decent print up to A1 size from the GRD I so going to A3 or A2 should not be a problem if you don't use very high ISOs.

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    Re: GR2 Printing size

    Thanks for the fast reponses!
    More and more excited in getting the camera!

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    Re: GR2 Printing size

    Guys, I'm the one who referred Goncalo over here (from another forum) and the two of you were among those I specifically had in mind when I told him he'd find experienced and helpful Ricoh compact users here who could respond first-hand to his question.

    Thanks from me, too.

    - Michael

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    Re: GR2 Printing size

    You're welcome Michael. That is cool to read
    And great you both joined GetDPI.

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