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Thread: Where is the digital compact promised land?

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    Where is the digital compact promised land?

    The more I scroll around this and every other digital photography forum the more I'm convinced that the Olympus micro 4/3 rangefinder seems to be what all "serious compact" shooters are looking for. Many times I have looked into the Pana G1 but I don't see anything compact about it (as far as I'm concerned it is still more of a dslr whereas the Oly is more of a compact). I've tested the LX2, LX3, TZ5, P6000, etc...and so far the only compact that managed to give me the quality I'm looking for on a compact was the DP1 (I know I'm going to be stoned alive for this one). I'm sorry, but even though the cameras I've mentioned have great quality FOR COMPACTS, the DP1 is just more than a compact and is able to offer the quality of a DSLR (the dynamic range/latitude, the organic 3 dimensional aspect of the image, it can take a pound during color correcting while the other compacts will just give up). THIS is what I'm looking for! But sadly the DP1 has its limitations when it comes to shooting speed, lcd, focal range, af...which limits it to a very specific type of shooter. It's time for this to change! The technology is available, so why aren't companies doing anything about it?! Ok, so micro four thirds is taking longer than expect?! Just take the DP1, slap a 24-100mm f2.8 on it, improve the lcd and the shooting speed and we're good to go. How long has it been since the Dp1 is out (Photokina 2006?!)? Itís about time. Whatís the hold up?

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    Re: Where is the digital compact promised land?

    Hi Rawfa,

    Personally I have high hopes for the DP2. Also, the Olympus camera of which photographs of a prototype were distributed last autumn coupled with a 20/1.7 lens could be perfect for my needs. Both should deliver very good image quality, be compact and with a little luck some of the speed issues some people are bothered by with the DP1 will be addressed.

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    Re: Where is the digital compact promised land?

    The new Olympus might be great, a 20 1.7 will be good for a start. I don't think that Olympus will be able to deliver the 20 1.7 though, in time and at a reasonable price (if ever) which will mean a Panasonic like kit zoom (I strongly dislike zooms)

    I hear that Panasonic has delayed their 20mm 1.7 until end of year ....

    But eagerly awaiting the Olympus introduction as well.

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