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Thread: PPD Honor Ride for PO John Pawlowski

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    PPD Honor Ride for PO John Pawlowski

    Last night in the freezin' cold, we had around 200 bikes and over 30 cages, (cars trucks). We had full Philly Police and Highway support.

    Anyway, I'm reading Wayne's post about words/images...and all the thoughts you great people posted there.....

    I don't agree with everyone...that's the spice of life but I appreciate all that is said in the written word.

    Get to the point Don...ok, ok....

    As I'm riding last night I'm getting shivers...not from the cold but from some kinda spiritual something.....So I decided to work photography and try to capture the essence of what I was feeling.....I think I did it.

    Sure, I'm gonna hear, they aren't sharp, they arent in focus...ahhhh
    but they are exactly in focus......spiritually that is....

    There's an image of the Duncan Donuts where PO Chuck Cassidy lost his life last year...look at the top and see him there...

    I feel it's ok to talk about the images because Wayne opened the door....

    Thank's all.....great bunch here......


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    Re: PPD Honor Ride for PO John Pawlowski

    thanks, don. a very nice tribute.


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