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Thread: E410/510

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    So how do these cameras perform?

    I'm seriously thinking of a 510 with the fisheye and 7-14. I miss having a fisheye and the zoom looks pretty compact. In part I also want a dive camera; I dove the Great Barrier Reef last summer and really wish I had something like this. For that I'd use it with an Ikelite housing and 8" dome ports, plus a strobe. The live view is like made for underwater use!

    Another attraction is a Leica R adapter and using my Leica R lenses. The 60mm macro and APO 280/4 in particular. The IS would come in handy with the 280.

    If I can get this flying and like the results I might sell the DMR and lick my financial wounds until the R10 is announced...

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    Re: E410/510

    I'm not sure the 7-14 is all that compact! Try it out for looks here.

    As far as the 280 is concerned - as it effectively becomes a 560 IMO it's a tripod only case even with IS.

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    Re: E410/510

    An alternative to 7-14 plus fish-eye is to buy the 11-22mm f/2.8-3.5 plus the fish-eye. The 11-22 is half the price of the 7-14, much smaller, faster and a very nice walk-around lens. The ultrawide part would be covered by the fish-eye, which (I believe) is 8mm, although with all the fish-eye quirks.

    I have the 11-22 btw. It's a very nice lens.

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    Re: E410/510

    I was planing to buy the Olympus set up, because of lightweight, compact and high quality lenses have weather proofing. Not so many review from the web, but here some interesting to read about:
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