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Thread: Ricoh DB-60 battery same as DB-70?

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    Ricoh DB-60 battery same as DB-70?

    I saw one page where the size and ratings were identical -- are these batteries interchangeable?

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    Oxide Blu

    Re: Ricoh DB-60 battery same as DB-70?

    It would appear they are NOT the same.

    DB-70 - Rechargeable battery for the CX1, R10, R8 and Caplio R7/R6. A special battery charger is needed to charge this battery. (ETA: I believe it requires the Ricoh BJ-7 charger.)

    DB-60 - Rechargeable battery for GR Digital II, GR Digital, Caplio R5/R4/R3/R30/GX100 and G600. Battery charger BJ-6 is needed to charge this battery.
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    Re: Ricoh DB-60 battery same as DB-70?

    If it helps, these are compatible batteries (to the Ricoh DB-60)...

    Panasonic BP-DC4-J
    Panasonic BP-DC4-U
    Panasonic CGA-S005
    Panasonic CGA-S005A
    Panasonic CGA-S005A/1B
    Panasonic CGA-S005E
    Panasonic CGA-S005E/1B
    Panasonic DMW-BCC12
    Fuji NP-70
    Leica BP-DC4
    Ricoh DB-60

    Recently sold my GRD with case & spare battery. Perhaps I should've kept the battery but who knew? I replaced with a GX100 VF1 kit. Nice camera me like but can't touch the GRD for B&W... anyway back to the battery story...

    I needed a spare DB-60. Local Best Buy - about $70., local camera shop about $40. local Radio Shack, about $30. If I were as rich as I used to be, I wouldn't care but, that's another story. Found the compatibles (above)...

    Delivered by asian seller to NY via ebay... $5.00 (cost + shipping) !!! and it works great! So if you need a DB-60, hope the list above helps.


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