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Thread: Flash for GRDII... recommendations?

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    Flash for GRDII... recommendations?

    Has anyone tried the Leica SF 24D flash with the GRDII? I'm trying to find a smallish flash that I can use with this camera. I bought the 24D for my M8s, but in fact more often than not, I'm using my Nikon SB80DX, handheld with an off-camera cord. Using that setup with the GRDII is just ludicrous though... it's bigger than the darn camera!

    Just as an aside, when I ordered my GRDII this morning from Tony, he mentioned that he had seen (and held) the DP1, but what he was really interested in was a new, smaller Sigma flash for the DP1. He's trying to find out if it will work with the GRD.

    For the most part, I try just to use available light for shooting, and this is one reason I went for the GRDII to have the higher available and usable ISO. Any other suggestions or advice?

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    Re: Flash for GRDII... recommendations?

    I'm happy with the Metz 20 C-2, as are some others. There's a Sunpak flash that's popular too. Both in auto mode, without TTL, obviously.

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