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Thread: DP1 help needed for high ISO B&W!

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    DP1 help needed for high ISO B&W!

    I need some help from DP1 owners about shooting B&W with the DP1 at 400 to 800 ISO. We will be visiting my mother in law later today who is in a nursing home and she suffers from alzheimers so she is very sweet but disoriented mentally. I want to get some B&W photos without using the flash and was wondering how others are doing it. Are you using the monotone setting in the camera or shooting raw ( which I prefer ) and then developing in pp. What is the techique in post that is most favorable and are there any exposure settings that work the best for this. Sorry for the long post, but thanks in advance.


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    Re: DP1 help needed for high ISO B&W!

    Use RAW and process later. If you set the camera to 800, then use the +- exposure comp to -1 or -2 you can get 1600 or 3200 or anything in between. I use 1600 a lot and in B&W the results are great.....

    process the raw files in Sigma Photo whatever it's called.....then convert to B&W in something else...
    When I process the image in Sigma, 1st I desaturate the file...that gives you B&W...then do corrections...then, when ready to output...I bring the Saturation back to normal and export as jpeg or tiff....
    In CS4 or Lightroom, I use Silver Effex from NIK software....

    Good luck.....any me...Don @ 267-784-4042...USA

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