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Thread: Achromatic macro for Canon G10?

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    Achromatic macro for Canon G10?

    I want to use my G10 for macros, but it does not focus very close except when in wide angle, which means I have to get the camera really close to the subject, which is not always possible.

    I found that Lensmate makes a good quality adapter for the G10 so that I can mount a 58mm macro lens in front and use the longer end of the zoom.

    After doing some research, I have decided to get a +4 and a +7 close up lens.

    Any recommendations for achromatic macro lenses in these strengths for the G10? The achromats apparently are corrected for chromatic abberation, which would be a big help in macros.


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    Re: Achromatic macro for Canon G10?

    Yes, these are very good from Raynox. They may vignette at the wide end they work great.

    They sell them as a kit for the same amount of money but I'm not sure if the kit has one or two adapter.

    here is a gallery with a lot of macros done with these lenses on a Panasonic FZ8 camera (superzoom)

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