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Thread: Meiji Shrine Festival w/GR2

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    Tom Bodley

    Meiji Shrine Festival w/GR2

    I was inspired to buy a Ricoh GR2 and join this forum after reading Sean Reid's terrific review. This is my first opportunity to use an external optical viewfinder, with all my previous experience being w/a DSLR, so I have lots to learn about seeing and composition with this camera.

    I am currently in Tokyo on a business trip and was out for a walk yesterday in Meiji Shrine and came upon a festival in honor of national foundation day ('kenkoku kinenbi'). Attached is my favorite image from the outing. So far, the most difficult part is figuring out how wide the field of view is, but I am very impressed with the image quality, configurability, and compact size of the camera. This image was shot at ISO 100, but I still found there was a fair amount of noise that I was able to remove with Noiseware. I am interested to know if taking the noise out makes the image seem too sterile? Although there were a lot of wonderful colors, I decided that B&W worked very nicely for these images.

    I greatly appreciate all suggestions and ideas, and am looking forward to participating in this forum.

    There are a couple more images from the day on my Flickr page as well


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    Re: Meiji Shrine Festival w/GR2

    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to the forum. It's hard to know how the picture looks from a small JPEG but, if you want to filter noise, you may want to experiment with filtering out only the color noise.



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    Tom Bodley

    Re: Meiji Shrine Festival w/GR2

    Hi Sean,

    Many thanks for the kind welcome and the suggestion for experimentation with noise reduction settings--much appreciated!


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