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Thread: Some GRD shots...

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    Some GRD shots...

    Hi everyone!

    Back in November last year - I can't actually believe it was that long ago! - I finally stopped lurking around these forums and signed up to ask a few questions about the Ricoh GRD/IIs and got some great advice which steered me nicely towards a then-brand-new GRD which fate had placed on eBay for me!

    However, looking at some photos of the Lake District in one of the G1 threads reminded me that I hadn't shared any of the shots that came from last year's purchase so I thought it was time to rectify that, sort of re-introduce myself and also say thanks again for all the advice as I love shooting B&W with my GRD!

    Anyway, here goes...

    Ashness Bridge (An almost obligatory photo op when you go to the Lake District!)

    Coniston Water I

    A (much) bigger version here...

    Coniston Water II

    A (much) bigger version here...

    A "Frightening" E.E. Lightning, RAF Cosford:

    A Boeing 747 engine, RAF Cosford:

    I have to say I'm not usually a fan of stitching panoramas together, but I wanted to try to grasp the bleakness and the scale of Coniston Water, which was the site of Donald Campbell's fateful water speed record. Perhaps I should've used it as an excuse to buy the 21mm converter instead!?

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    Re: Some GRD shots...

    Hi Dawson,

    A nice series. The Ashness bridge shot is particularly nice in my opinion.

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    Re: Some GRD shots...

    Very nice pictures, the GRD I in b&w is really fantastic, very detailed and crisp.

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    Re: Some GRD shots...

    Thanks guys, glad you like!

    I do like the Ashness Bridge shot myself, although if you Google image search Ashness Bridge you will probably get hundreds of almost identical shots to that! A bit of a no brainer in some respects but as I said, you have to photograph it at some point during your travels in the Lakes!

    I think it was you Vladimir who told me how good GRDIs are for their monochrome JPEGS out of the camera... I think I used RAW+JPEG for the panoramas but so good were the JPEGs (helped by an overcast, low contrast day) that I don't think I ever touched the RAW files in the end!

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