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Thread: Sigma DP2 Firmware Update 1.01 Available

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    Sigma DP2 Firmware Update 1.01 Available

    You can download it here:

    Read the instructions and realize that the actual download link is at the bottom of the page... it took me awhile to find it, being who I am.

    I just installed the update successfully. It takes a few minutes, the red light finally goes on and then flashes for awhile, you get a message that it has succeeded (one hopes), and then the camera shuts down just to give you a little scare. Power it back up and double-check that 1.01 is installed.

    The benefits are apparently two:
    *Decrease the phenomenon of intermittent camera freeze under certain conditions.
    *The accuracy of the Auto Focus has been improved.

    The first thing I noticed was that my self-portraits look SIGNIFICANTLY younger and more handsome, which I didn't think was possible. Well, they do call it "firmware."

    Good luck with your own upgrade. And remember to format your 256MB or larger SD/SDHC card before you save the BIN file to it.


    Trust me... it's as easy as riding a bike... against traffic... with no hands...

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    Re: Sigma DP2 Firmware Update 1.01 Available

    Thanks Don. I saw the rumor on DPR that it was coming out, but I was busy at work today and didn't get a chance to look for it. I'll install it this evening. I would definitely like to look younger and more handsome in my self-portraits!

    Update: It's done. And Don was right, I do look younger and more handsome!!

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    Re: Sigma DP2 Firmware Update 1.01 Available

    Thanks Don,
    The firmware went in with no glitches.......

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