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Thread: Corner Shop

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    Corner Shop

    Click on image for larger image.
    Sigma DP2, RAW, ISO100, 1/50s, f/5.0

    These small hardware/houseware shops are amazing. What you're seeing in the photo is just the stuff to the right of the doorway... there's an equal amount to the left. And we haven't even gone inside.

    Every day, the shopkeeper brings all this out and arranges it, and every evening, he puts it all back inside.

    Yes, the cone is for sale. We used to use one ourselves in the village to mark our parking place. Now we have a duplicate license plate on the wall.


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    D upton-Hackett.

    Re: Corner Shop

    Lovely clear colours. The shop reminds me of the BBC sitcom- Open All Hours with the late Ronny Barker and Ronny Corbett back in the 70's.
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    Re: Corner Shop

    Great image Don. Looks like the DP2 deals with reds slightly better than my DP1.

    Reminded me of open all hours as well. I also remember real shops like that in England back in the 60's. I may see if I can find one somewhere here that still puts stuff out, I think there was one in a local villages not that long ago.

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    Re: Corner Shop

    Great job.
    very nice light, texture, model, just about the wall it maybe can better.

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