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Thread: GR-D II Neat Image Profiles

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    GR-D II Neat Image Profiles

    Based on my last thread about ACR calibration for the GR-D II:

    I have now taken the output of the calibrated ACR and created 2 full sets of noise profiles for Neat Image. One for color output at all ISO levels and the other for the high contrast B&W output at all ISO levels.

    I have submitted them to Neat Image but if anyone wants a copy of the .RAR file I can email it to you.
    Here is a copy of my notes from the info file:

    Ricoh GR-D II High Contrast B&W noise profiles

    by Chris Sweet June 24, 2009

    A set of profiles for Ricoh GR-D II .DNG files processed through Adobe Camera Raw. The profiles were built using shots of the Calibration Target for the following file formats and image sizes:
    .DNG - Full size 4:3 output

    For each file format and image size above, shots with different ISO rates (80, 100, 200 and 400, 800, 1600) were made and used to build profiles.

    This set of profiles is for use with the B&W output from this camera when the contrast is set to maximum (+2). In-camera noise reduction was switched off. The white balance was set manually in ACR before profiling.

    I have spent a great deal of time calibrating ACR to match as closly as possible the original output from the camera in both color and high contrast B&W modes. Below you will find my notes and setting for ACR. I hope other will find this useful. The calibration target shots directly from the ACR output were opened in Neat Image to build profiles.


    Basically, I use a custom edited script to target a Mcbeth CC to the default camera output. In the case of the GR-D II I decided to do 2 calibrations. One for the basic color output set to mid contrast and saturation and another targeting the high contrast B&W output as this was my primary reason for getting this camera.

    It should be said at this point that this calibration was done with MY GR-D II and there can be significant variation between camera bodies.
    My color numbers based on a Gretag Mcbeth Chart are:

    Blacks 6
    Bright 50

    Highlights 6
    Lights 25
    Darks -3
    Shadows -20

    Shadow Tint 5
    RH 5 RS -7
    GH 52 GS 70
    BH 6 BS -35

    All other settings are at 0 or as shot unless otherwise noted. The test image was shot with the in camera Color, Contrast and Sharpness settings in the middle positions.

    My high contrast B&W numbers are:

    Blacks 19
    Bright 50
    Contrast 50
    Clarity 10

    Reds -12
    Orange -6
    Yellow -10
    Green -10
    Blue 13

    All the other settings are the same as the color ones listed above. Essentially the curve has been changes slightly since I am trying to match the highest contrast setting. In addition to this the color sliders in the greyscale conversion panel have been set to mimic the same color filtering that is going on with the in camera JPEG output.

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    Re: GR-D II Neat Image Profiles

    Vlad has posted them on the web site already:

    Please let me know what you think once you try them out, especially if you use them in conjunction with my ACR calibration numbers.

    Any questions, please ask.


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    Re: GR-D II Neat Image Profiles

    Downloaded them thanks Chris.

    Will try to use them over the weekend


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