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Thread: Street Photography

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    Street Photography

    The main reason I got the GR-D II was for street shooting.

    It seems to be the perfect choice for me. Small, silent, and fast.

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    Re: Street Photography

    That's a great reason to get a camera.
    It's the main reason I get any camera. I do
    other things with it but it has to cut it on
    the street. Your off to a good start....
    Get close, then get closer....

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    Re: Street Photography

    You of course are right about getting as close as possible. All of my favorites (Winogrand, Koudelka, Richards, Friedlander....) were masters of being right in the middle of a moment.

    I'm looking for those moments when life is unaware it is being watched and is in the throws of living. There is something about capturing those details that allows us a peek at the seams of our construct.

    I have been shooting street stuff for about 6-7 years with various cameras. A Nikon D70, an old FE2 with [email protected], My D200 then my D300. All of these (with the exception of the FE2) were just too conspicuous to leave a scene undisturbed. The GR-D II seems to be a lot better in that regard.

    Two more photos. The first is from the GR-D II and the second is an older one shot on TRI-X.


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