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Thread: Horses for courses GRD2 DP1 (or amusing signs)

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    Horses for courses GRD2 DP1 (or amusing signs)

    I saw this road side sign in my village that I thought amusing so I wandered out to take some shots of it with my GRD2 and DP1. The bike came along before i was ready but I just managed to turn the GRD on in time to catch it going past, something I would have missed with the Sigma. Not the best quality image but at least I got it. Walking back to my house I pass the church which the bike would have driven past so I used the DP1 to get the bright detailed 3D looking image of that. Like the title says, Horses for courses (though with teh E-P1 I may only have needed one horse )
    A bit spooky that the bike travels past a graveyard just after the sign!

    Made me laugh

    Doesn't look all that dangerous (or maybe it implies a different sort of fate?)

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    Re: Horses for courses GRD2 DP1 (or amusing signs)

    Will, I like both shots, but far prefer the irony of the first, B&W once you set the context.
    BTW I am fallen in love with my GRD all over again now that is is working!

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