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Thread: GR-DII shooters favorite settings...

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    GR-DII shooters favorite settings...

    What are your favorite setting, ISO, Image quality, RAW vs JPEG, color space, etc.

    Just how are you'll setting them up and personalizing them?

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    Re: GR-DII shooters favorite settings...

    I had the same thoughts when I first got this camera thinking there were some special combinations the more experienced could share ...... After some time with this camera changing settings becomes quite intuitive and can be done quickly .... all the settings become useful and important depending on the situation at hand ....

    Raw Mode 3:2 (9M)
    Color Space Adobe RGB ....... Though I am not sure if this matters if shooting in Raw ...
    Does a Raw file have a color space ? Seems I read somewhere in another thread it does not ....

    I like manual exposure mode ...... just discovered that if you press the zoom button the exposure value is reset to the appropriate exposure setting .....
    I also use the exposure compensation all the time ...

    My Mode 1
    Snap Mode @ f4.0/ Raw 3:2
    Black and White

    My Mode 2
    Focus Snap @f5.6 /Jpg. F 3:2 (9M)
    Continuous Mode
    Exposure metering Multi
    ISO Auto-High Auto 400

    Zoom Button Expo. CMP
    AF Aux.Light off
    Fn Set. My Set. on
    ADJ Lever Set 1 Focus
    ADL Lever Set 2 ISO
    ADJ Lever Set 3 Expo. Met.
    ADJ Lever Set 4 Flash Comp.
    Function Button AE Lock
    ADJ Shutter On

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