Figure with the good weather, I'll get out and play with my new toy this weekend....a Mirex adapter. I'll probably try it at both ends of the spectrum...30mm fish and 300mm.

Any ideas on fun ways to test out/practice? Maybe some two-person portraits with the subjects staggered?

Also, Mirex twisted my arm to buy their M42/Sony adapter. Looks no different than my chipped adapter, except it seems to be setscrewed in place. I'm tempted to replace it with my adapter, to get focus confirmation. Any idea if this is a waste of time?

I'm thinking the tilting and shifting will likely befuddle the center sensor, at least at the extremes of motion. And if so, is there any value to focusing straight, and then tilting/shifting the camera? (Obviously, this would only work well if the lens doesn't move, which could be tough).