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Thread: Where to download A850 raw files?

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    Where to download A850 raw files?

    I am seriously considering an A850, but would really like to see some RAW test images before making the purchase.

    Do you know where I can download some RAW files from the A850? Specifically, some ISO1600-3200 images in indoor environment would be great....

    If you can host some here, I will greatly appreciate that too.

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    Re: Where to download A850 raw files?

    I'd just like to second the request for Raw files from the A850 (or A900), though I'm more interested in the ISO 100-800 range. The reviews do a poor job of explaining image quality, and the few that offer potentially useful samples (e.g. DPReview's A900 review) tend to post JPEGs developed for high contrast with an old version of Adobe Camera Raw. These JPEGs tell me nothing about how the sensor deals with detail in shadow and highlight areas, or colour, or noise characteristics.

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