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Thanks Vivec, I saw Pete's dissemble'd pics before, i did not see it carefully enough, i thought the sensor was on main board.




Thanks, N (It is Vivek with a K).

The FA-EX1S looks good. I will have to see where I can get hold of them.

But, all I want is a simple wire extender with no plastic molding.

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If I had an NEX, I would now be happy

These are not difficult to get hold of (same goes for Olympus EPs and Pana Gs) and cheap.

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Interesting report here with more details including the fact that the NEX has been designed to be able to use a full frame sensor (but not with the NEX lenses) See this article:

No EVF for the existing NEX', yet and there are rumors about a full frame possibility. At least, Fuji have shown a mock up X100.....