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Thread: NEX IR trigger question.

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    NEX IR trigger question.

    Hi everyone,

    I have a "strange" request. I'm wondering if anyone makes a remote IR trigger for a nex. Specifically a trigger that will fire the NEX when something breaks the IR beam (something like a "game camera"). My parents have been having trouble with someone vandalizing their property, and while they have security cameras installed, the guy always strikes at night, and they are of too low resolution to be of any real use.

    My idea is if I can install a NEX in a waterproof housing with a IR trigger, we might be able to finally get some detail on who this guy is. I know I could extract enough detail out of the RAW file to get a license plate number, facial features, etc.

    Any help/ideas/suggestions taken. Thanks.
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    Re: NEX IR trigger question.

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