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Thread: To: Uwe Steinmüller (post processing)

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    To: Uwe Steinmüller (post processing)

    Sorry that I put your name in the headline. If you don't like that we can remove it later, if you want.

    I think that I admire your pictures a little bit because they look so consistent regarding their quality.

    Colors always look natural, not too much, not too desaturated.
    Contrasts always look perfect, not too much, not too flat.
    Details are always there, not oversharpened, very clean and natural.

    And the compositions are very good, of course.

    Do you have developped a special post processing technique that allows you to transform every picture into your unique standard?

    I would like to read something about that, other forum members as well I think.

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    Re: To: Uwe Steinmüller (post processing)

    Uwe Steinmueller

    Editor&Owner of Digital Outback Photo

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