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Thread: NEX-7 noise is just too much!

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    Re: NEX-7 noise is just too much!

    Quote Originally Posted by jonoslack View Post

    Actually . . what with Pegelli's cartoon I think things are rather looking up.
    Yes, I've seen that one over on TOP and it is the perfect remedy for rampant Pixel Peeping.

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    Re: NEX-7 noise is just too much!

    Quote Originally Posted by etrigan63 View Post
    I've found my own observations to echo those of Mr. Reichmann, plus stuff I've gleaned from the fine folks in the Medium Format sections and chats I've had with Doug Petersen of CI: The more pixels you have (regardless of format), the better quality of lens you need. More importantly, you need to use a tripod more because the sensor is less forgiving not because the sensor is bad.
    Yeah, a common myth. But it does sell lenses and tripods.

    From a MFD 40MP shooter that used his camera handheld at 1/60s or slower with film era lenses. (100% example taken at 1/60s at ISO 400 with a big honkin' mirror and a manual focus film lens handheld in sucky light which represents a tiny part of the 40MP image.)
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