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Thread: A77 New firmware upgrade 1.05

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    A77 New firmware upgrade 1.05

    A new firmware upgrade is announced in SAR for end of March 2012.

    It will increase range of lenses for auto adjustments (including the 135ZA) and improve auto review response time and a number of other minor improvements.

    sonyalpharumors | Blog | (SR5) Good news! A77/A65 firmware 1.05 coming on March 29!

    Whoops, have I broken up the cosy Nex 7 forum?
    Cheers, Dave

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    Re: A77 New firmware upgrade 1.05

    Wish it addressed the most discussed negative comment about the a77, noise.

    I was going through the web and found a post from one of the earliest testers of the a77 with what he called version 1.00 firmware before the processor switch. I can't say for sure that it was the camera or the PP but those images were extremely clear of color noise at all ISO's. They looked great!

    I know all the camera comparisons MP to MP and size to size arguments out there. Read them and they make sense but real world I really think Sony would be able to make the a77 better in the area of color noise so we don't have to use 3rd party software to hide and correct it.

    I really was surprised at the extent of color noise when photographing a airforce grey colored aircraft in flight. ISO's were in the 100-400 range and the aircrafts looked like they were rainbow colored. Yeah I could get rid of it but it really was noticeable before PP.

    I am no electronics or software engineer but I really think this camera and sensor could be tweaked to perform better in this area. I do like and enjoy using the a77 and have gotten some excellent photographs while using it but I'm like most others I will always appreciate IQ firmware improvement far more than fixing how long it takes to shut the camera off. I would be a lot more excited about this firmware upgrade if noise reduction was one of the enhancements mentioned
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