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Thread: Taking care of the NEX-7 video nuisance

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    Smile Taking care of the NEX-7 video nuisance

    The pesky little video button on the NEX-7 is taken care of!

    Untitled by Vivek Iyer, on Flickr

    I used a tiny washer (careful application of epoxy- avoid superglue!) to cover the outside of the video button so that accidental touchings will not trigger the video. A tiny press/snap button is tacked onto an end of the strap that is needed to push on the video to activate/deactivate it (a pen or pencil also would do but having this in close proximity all the time is handy).

    Also in the picture is the Gariz case plus a trimmed off plastic flash holder complete with a Novoflex miniconnect coupling. The height of the camera now is ~85mm. Perfect for my handling.
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    Re: Taking care of the NEX-7 video nuisance

    Can you show some other views of that case, Vivek? And when you mention the "trimmed off plastic flash holder", where is that in the image, and what is it for?

    I will have a NEX 7 myself next week, with luck. Any additional suggestions re. 30–35mm focal length lenses that you think might work on the 7 will be appreciated.

    I will try both the MS Perar and the CV 35/2.5 on it, to start. I was wondering if any of the old OM lenses in that focal length might not work well, too—thinking here of the 28/2.8 (still staying small/light) or the 35/2.8.

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