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Thread: Slight Undamped Pulsations in NEX-7 EVF

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    Slight Undamped Pulsations in NEX-7 EVF

    This evening I observed slight undamped pulsating focus and light levels in the NEX-7 EVF.
    I was using the SEL50F18 OSS lens in AF and P mode and focused at great distance in fairly low light levels.
    The behavior didn't change when I switched off SteadyShot.
    I don't get this behavior when I take a shot of my bookshelf at close distance.

    Has anyone else observed this behavior?
    Or did I miss that this behavior has already been reported?

    Regards, K-H.

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    Re: Slight Undamped Pulsations in NEX-7 EVF

    I don't have the NEX 7, but shoot with the a77.

    With the a77, one may choose the EVF to mimic the settings level, or to have a constant light level. Check your menu to see if you have the same option. I suspect your focus pulsing is the result of the low light level. The best thing to do in that light level is to manually focus to infinity, the same as one would do with an OVF.

    Of course, if you were using an OVF, you wouldn't have this problem, the VF would be too dark to see anything. ;-)


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    Re: Slight Undamped Pulsations in NEX-7 EVF

    Fly by wire focus lenses doing things on their own, like refocusing on their own, and such annoyances are very real. What you describe is there but is a very small nuiscance, IMO.

    It is a pity they just die if you disable the electronics.

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