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Thread: A900 metering question

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    A900 metering question

    I've tested metering while in M mode, and then shooting MLU both with, and without closing the eyepiece shutter. No difference in exposure / histogram.

    I do see a shift in exposure w/ the eyepiece shutter open if I'm shooting in A or S mode (as one might expect from light entering and affecting).

    My question is: is there any "other" reason to close the eyepiece shutter when working in M mode, since it does not impact metered exposure reading or anything I can see as degraded image quality in the files from light making it to the sensor?

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    Re: A900 metering question

    hmm thats strange indeed. the only thing i can think of is the there something in the software of the a900 that can be "auto compensating" for long exposure and in M mode is more aggressive correction.

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