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Thread: Dubai with the NEX-7 and Leica glass

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    Dubai with the NEX-7 and Leica glass

    I had the opportunity to go to Dubai on a business trip. Didn't have much time to shoot pictures, not to mention that a sand storm was happening. Doesn't make too good for shooting environment.

    Here is the link to my flickr set.
    2012 Dubai - a set on Flickr

    My favorite pictures out of the whole set of course is the Burj Khalifa. It was taken without tripod propped against a light post at ISO6400.
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    Re: Dubai with the NEX-7 and Leica glass

    Those turned out very nicely. I was there last month, with my Nex-7 and CV 35/1.2 II. I left it at f/1.2 mostly for the night shots, which means I had a lot of purple coma from the lights. I should've tried some stopped down at slightly longer exposures.

    This one is one of my favorites:

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