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Thread: How to eliminate accidental videos: NEX 7

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    Re: How to eliminate accidental videos: NEX 7

    Quote Originally Posted by Cindy Flood View Post
    The man found a solution that made using this $1000 camera much more pleasant for me. I don't think paying him $20 is too much considering that he designed and manufactured it-- and mailed it to me on his dime.
    Sure, his solution is 100x better than these terrible Sugru solutions uglifying a nice camera.
    But for not-learning-people-how-to-avoid-video-button I found pretty solutions for $ 0.10

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    Re: How to eliminate accidental videos: NEX 7

    To each his own. We are all well-aware of your superior dexterity and learning ability; we've read all about it several times. The Luther solution is very OEM and elegant. The Sugru solution is less aesthetic (depends on the talent of the person applying it, I suppose) but in my case it offered additional grip.
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