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Thread: NEX-6 on Photokina

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    NEX-6 on Photokina

    I know this is a rumor website, but Iīve been reading it for years and itīs right 95% of the time (the guy has good sources):

    I looks like Sony will release a camera between the NEX5N and the NEX7 on the next Photokina (next month). It is supposed to have a viewfinder.
    Now itīs dreaming time wish list time: 24mp, in body IS (very difficult), higher bitrate on video mode, mic input with audio controls, heat problem under control. And then the usual even better high iso, AF, etc.

    (SR5) The NEX-6 is coming! The “mini-NEX-7″ | sonyalpharumors

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    Re: NEX-6 on Photokina

    I think we'll see:
    no IBIS (unlikely on any NEX)
    only two 'navi' dials not three
    unlikely to have any additional inputs NEX-7 lacks
    EVF like NEX-7
    phase detect AF on sensor
    firmware supports 'apps' for features like intervalometer and better bracketing.

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    Re: NEX-6 on Photokina

    I cannot see any reason for an in between model, if by NEX standards, the 5n was good and the 7 being very good, I would only hope for a 9! Especially when the NEX goes by odd numbers and not even numbers as well.
    Po-Ming Chu

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    Re: NEX-6 on Photokina

    Hooray, yet another Sony body... where are the lenses?
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    Re: NEX-6 on Photokina

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
    where are the lenses?
    NEX-5R: 180 degree flip screen (like the NEX-F3) and 16 Megapixel sensor and Wi Fi support

    NEX-6: Built in Electronic viewfinder (lower resolution compared to the NEX-7 viewfinder).
    Wi Fi support and price between NEX-7 and NEX-5R.

    The cameras will be announced in September right before the Photokina show. There will be also
    three new NEX lenses, a 16-50mm pancake, a 11-18mm pancake and a fast prime lens.

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