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Thread: Sony A900 high ISO workarounds & tips

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    Sony A900 high ISO workarounds & tips


    I have currently a tough time to decide, whether I want to keep my A900 system or switch brands. The reasons are:

    a) I am not a big fan of EVF and it seems there will be never an OVF with Sony DSLRs again

    b) I need better high iso for family snapshots indoor without flash (restaurant, christmas tree, playing but not running kids etc.)

    But I just love my A900, especially the OVF. The OVF, fullframe sensor (for DOF) and Zeiss AF lenses were the key drivers to get me into the Sony system at all.

    Now I try to see if and what I can improve with my current system, to be able to avoid switching brands. Especially for high ISO.

    I shoot RAW only and normally use LR4, I do also have PS CS6, but basically never use it (too lazy and LR is too good I thought).

    Do you have any kind of recommendations, to get the most out of high ISO A900 files in these programs or would you recommend other programs?

    What kind of steps are you going through to get acceptable results at ISO 800-6400 for print size up to maximum A3 (Epson printer)?

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    Re: Sony A900 high ISO workarounds & tips

    hm....try to use flash indoors maybe?
    I also do/did this with my Leica M8 that has even worse high-ISO performance

    use a bounced flash with a small reflector card and the results are VERY good.

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