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Thread: Replacing external parts on NEx 7

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    Replacing external parts on NEx 7

    Had my 7 out over the weekend and some how bumped it and knocked off the rubber eye piece as well as a small plastic clip just in front of where the eyepiece slides on. Of course I cannot find it and plan to call Sony today to purchase replacements.
    Nothing is broken,just missing parts.
    On my search of the web I cannot find a PDF external parts list for the camera.
    Was hoping to have part numbers in advance for Sony tech support.
    I am hoping they will sell them to me as I am expecting them to say they do not sell parts and you will have to send the camera in to have your clip and eyepiece snapped on the camera by Sony.
    Anyone else go through something like this,suggestions?

    Ps. Just ordered the eyepiece from the Sony store for $10.00.
    Now the hard part,seeing if I can find that little plastic clip.

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    Re: Replacing external parts on NEx 7

    I am pretty sure that you will have to open up the camera to put that plastic piece. Do you see the proximity sensor exposed?

    Show some pictures (that would help) of the knocked off area.

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