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Thread: RX1 Operational Oddities

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    RX1 Operational Oddities

    Anyone have workarounds to these? Or contacts at Sony so they might actually read and consider Firmware fixes? Thanks.

    - Why do I have to zoom to 100% on playback if I want to see just a little magnification? Currently the only option appears to zoom in to 100% and only then use the thumb wheel to zoom out.

    - On Clear Image Zoom why can't I use single point AF? The AF Point disappears and the frame line turns green indicating focus. But focus of what? It's like a non-confirmed multi-point focus. Of course I can go to manual focus with peaking which works very well, but it's slow.

    - When using DMF auto/manual focus with 100% peaking, why is the slowest return to full frame 2 seconds? Why can't it be instant, or half a second? I autofocus, and if I wish to fine tune I keep the shutter release pressed half way and turn the focus ring. Automatically goes to 100% with peaking. I quickly adjust, great. But then I have to wait 2 seconds for the view to go back to full frame. Fine for still lives, useless for action or expressions.

    - Why can't focus peaking work at normal viewing and not just 100%? I know Sony did this to insure better accuracy, but I'd take the slight loss in that area for faster focusing.

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    Re: RX1 Operational Oddities

    This is really annoying me - I can't stand the way it magnifies the from when one is "focus peaking" in fact it makes it more difficult.

    Is there any workaround for this?

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    Re: RX1 Operational Oddities

    I agree these are all annoying. Haven't discovered work-arounds (though I'm getting in the habit of using only MF, which means a half-press of the shutter instantly returns from magnified view. That's not relevant in DMF, though) Here's hoping that a future firmware upgrade will enable focus peaking in unmagnified view, too.

    I did not even realise that you can use the thumbwheel to "back out" from the default 100% magnification during playback, so thank-you for mentioning that! It's mystifying to me why Sony didn't just make the thumbwheel totally responsible for zooming in/out of the photo during playback; no need for a separate button to engage magnification at all.

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