Hi everyone
Just found an interesting announcement on sony.net about lens compensation:
Apparently there will be a very promising App for the expected problems which third party (manual) wide angle lenses will probably cause:
lens cast / color cast seems to be correctable in camera for each programmed lens individually!
As you can also type in lens name, focal length and f-stop, I would also expect this to appear in the exif data - would be great! (Leica: Please take note...)
At this point it is not clear if those corrections (Sony calls it “peripheral shading”) would only apply to jpg or raw as well.
And obviously it's not just vignetting but especially individual color corrections. In addition chromatic aberrations and distortion will be correctable separately as well!
More questions arise about the process of testing the amount of corrections so I expect to spend quite some time to achieve good results with each individual lens.

Not that I found the installation and handling of the Sony apps (on my NEX6) very compelling so far, but as long as I will be able to build my own profiles and correct those imperfections (in the new A7 and A7r) I would be very happy.


Scroll down to find a short video (go to 10"), screen shot attached.

While we wait for delivery: Go out and shoot with what you’ve got and ask yourself if you really need (more) new gear...

As for myself, I will

Have fun!