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Thread: Utterly non-scientific A7r super fast 50mm shots

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    Utterly non-scientific A7r super fast 50mm shots

    Just received a Canon 50mm f0.95 TV lens and Sony Nex adapter-- just wanted to take a quick comparison shot, after having heard how soft these are wide open.

    Hand held, just a quick three shot test, with the Olympus 50mm f1.2, Canon EF 50mm f1.2 and Canon 50mm f0.95-- All manually focused with magnification.

    Again, Im not claiming any scientific value, just a bit of curiosity.

    Full view:

    Canon EF 50mm @f1.2 (metabones smart adapter III reports f1.3)

    Olympus OM 50mm f1.2 @f1.2

    Canon 50mm f0.95 @f0.95

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    Re: Utterly non-scientific A7r super fast 50mm shots

    I have the metabones EF adaptor and have used it for a few shots with my EF50 1.2 and am quite pleased with it excepting the bulk of the lens compared to the diminutive size of the A7r. I really bought the adaptor for use with my TS/E lenses but have not had the time to evaluate them. While the ability of the A7 series to take virtually any lens made, we are all realizing that the unique aspects of a digital sensor doesn't mean every lens will work as well as they did on their native mount. I must say I am just not very enthusiastic about all this pixel peeping..

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