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Thread: Sony a7R shutter vibration test

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    Sony a7R shutter vibration test

    To satisfy myself, I performed a test with my a7R and several lenses. I taped 2 US bank notes to a foam-core board, and taped that to the wall. I illuminated the notes with an incandescent 100 watt soft white bulb from the left.

    From a distance of 5-7 feet (depending on lens), I mounted a Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro (alpha mount), and Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G (at 200mm) to the Sony IL-EA3 adapter.

    I used a Desmond L Plate DAL-1 universal arca compatible plate on the adapter to secure the camera on a RRS BH-55 with pro (screw) clamp, which was installed on a Gitzo 3541LS, with 3 leg sections extended.

    I used the Sony RM-VPR1 Remote Control to actuate the shutter.

    I shot the 70-200 mounted both with the lens collar, and using the L plate on the adapter.

    I shot the images at f4, and using shutter speeds from 1/250s to 1/30s, at 1/3s intervals. The images were shot in raw, and processed in LR 5.3 (final). I cropped the center of the images to a 4x5 aspect ratio, equalized the white balance and exposure, but used no sharpening.

    Cutting to the chase, I see little evidence of shutter induced vibration at any shutter speed.


    a7r Sony 70-200G at 200mm f/4 1/250s (using lens collar)

    a7r Sony 70-200G at 200mm f/4 1/80s (using lens collar)

    Complete set of 70-200G at 200mm f/4 (using lens collar)
    Zenfolio | Graham Best | a7r 70-200 collar

    Complete set of 70-200G at 200mm f/4 (using adapter L plate)
    Zenfolio | Graham Best | a7r test

    Complete set of Tamron 90mm macro f/4
    Zenfolio | Graham Best | a7r Tamron 90 marcro test
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    Re: Sony a7R shutter vibration test

    Many thanks for doing these tests, Graham! However, I don't think the images you posted are terribly useful because you haven't sharpened them. Could you perhaps post some samples sharpened with the following settings?

    Amount: 60
    Radius: 0.7
    Detail: 70
    Masking: 0

    That would be great!
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    Re: Sony a7R shutter vibration test

    I know i raised some issues about shutter shake/vibration
    when taking some macro shots. I really found that for the heavy 200mm AIS NIKKOR micro/macro lens--- there was a much better result using the adaptor foot vs the lens foot as my tripod mount. I also confirmed that i got very good results using the Nikon 100mm macro lens with the adapter foot mount. I also did not have a dedicated foot for that macro lens. I have not yet tested my Nikon 70-200/4 lens but plan to do so as well.
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    Re: Sony a7R shutter vibration test

    May I suggest that you shoot something/anything at a longer distance. I suggest a good solid tree trunk at around 50 or 60 feet. Then..... please shoot at 1/60, 1/80, 1/100 and post that. I am convinced that closer distances - other than macro - mitigate this issue.


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