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Thread: Reid Reviews and a7r

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    Re: Reid Reviews and a7r

    Quote Originally Posted by thompsonkirk View Post
    OK, I take it back.
    For this level of ambitious thoroughness I'm supposed to pay $35.00? Seems delusional.
    I just read the review. This is very disappointing and I will not be renewing my subscription.

    The other issue with Sean's lens reviews is that he only tests the lenses at close range and we know that lens performance between close and far can be very different.

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    Re: Reid Reviews and a7r

    Geting even worse: Sean claimed today to review 35mms, but tested only 35 2.5 Skopar and 35 Summicron. Though he tends top hype CV, he didn't bother with CV 35 f1.2, which many web posts say covers A7/r best; nor Sony's own 35 FE Zeiss.

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