The Sony A7 has resurrected my lenses and I am hoping to assemble 2 different Zeiss lens sets from my film "storehouse". A small lens set with the Contax G lenses and auto focus adapter and a "low light/select focus" based on the Zeiss lenses I obtained for the Rolleiflex SL35,etc. SLR's. The latter set consists of the Zeiss- 18mm f4, 25mm f2.5, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4. I also have the 125mm f2.8 Sonnar. So the questions I have are as follows.
1. I did not obtain the lens hoods for any of the Rollei lenses (although the 135mm has a built in hood) and I am wondering what kind of hood people use on their lenses? Most newer lenses come with a hood but for those of you using older lenses, what do you use? The 18mm, 35mm, 85mm all have 67mm filter size (not the 72mm as the current Zeiss line) and the 25mm and 50mm are 49mm.
2. I asked on another forum if anyone has an answer for the rear lens cap for these Rollei lenses. The plastic friction fit caps that are supplied fall of far too easily and the only bayonet cap I have is from a Tamron adaptall adapter. I'd rather not buy an adapter for every lens but may have to.