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Thread: Pixel Paradise: A7R with 24-70, 28-70 and 55 F1.8 compared.

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    Re: Pixel Paradise: A7R with 24-70, 28-70 and 55 F1.8 compared.

    First things first: Tim, you put the better known review sites and 'commentariat' to shame, this is exactly the hands on 'all of process' analysis needed - not more 'weak corners at the extreme wide end', which most all mid zooms show as a trade-off for the extra functionality of a 3x. You buy one for the whole range and the point re keeping the sensor clean - both ring true for those who need to minimize down time given over to lens swaps. Too much of this can make you feel like a 4x5 shooter -;

    I agree this is the key lens for the FE system, it has great specs but had to about match the DSLR Canon / Nikon offerings overall, so sophisticated users can buy an a7r / 24-70 kit and be well pleased. Just to add something people might find - what will eventually do in the mirror flappers for non-pros is the first time they pick one up after using an a7 /a7r for a while..they feel a bit like something made in the Soviet Union, lol.
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    Re: Pixel Paradise: A7R with 24-70, 28-70 and 55 F1.8 compared.

    Philip, thank you. I am planning on a full review at some point but I want to wait for my replacement lens: decentered elements can play havoc with tests and not just the optical ones: colour shading tests get skewed too.

    One thing I want to test is my hypothesis that at those focal lengths and apertures where edges are soft, there's no real focus technique that helps much (as there often is with lenses where the cause is primarily field curvature) because with this lens I think the primary cause is astigmatism - the limited MTF available suggests that, as does the visual signature.

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