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Thread: A6000 kit lens?

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    A6000 kit lens?

    I'm almost sure the 16-50mm kit lens that comes with the A6000 is the same that Sony released before. Can anyone confirm if this is the case or this is an updated version? I was thinking about getting the A6000 with the kit lens because it looks very small and a great combo for trips and such...but I've read some dreadful reviews (specially at wide open).

    After seeing the samples posted on the links bellow I really don't see why the extreme reactions. Sure, I see some distortion @16 but it's nothing I haven't seen on the 16mm 2.8 pancake. Unless someone else says something more concrete it looks totally usable for trips or casual stuff.
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    Re: A6000 kit lens?

    It's not only that the lens design just tries to cram too much in, if you like street photography like I do you'll want to chuck it in a drawer, like I did ...
    The reason is that as it's a so-called 'power zoom' the damn thing goes back to its widest position every time the camera goes to sleep so you miss the shot basically.
    I'm talking about the one that I got with the NEX6 but I can't see much difference in the one they're packaging now.

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