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Thread: DXO D810

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    Re: DXO D810

    Quote Originally Posted by Arne Hvaring View Post
    Jono, sorry to hear about your horse. Hopefully he recovers soon and without breaking the bank!
    Thank you Arne. He's such a nice lugubrious kind of a guy it's horrid to see him with a bad leg. Here's hoping. (He's a nice sturdy Gypsy cob)

    Just this guy you know
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    Re: DXO D810

    I think an RX100 III would cheer him up no end!
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    Re: DXO D810

    I came to the exact same conclusion over a year ago when Sony came out with the A99, Of course there was no D810 then, yet I did not like the LV on the D800e at all using manual focus Zeiss glass.

    So as Jack pointed out earlier in this thread, how some users have "downgraded" to 24MP, this is exactly what I did, yet kept my Nikon Zeiss glass which was easily converted over to Alpha mount via Leitex mounts.

    Though if the D810 had come out the same time as the A99, this would have been a difficult decision..

    Quote Originally Posted by Guy Mancuso View Post
    The better live view would have me traded up from the D800e when I had that system but instead I went Sony with better live view, focus peaking and such. So that was important to me. ISO 64 not sure it buys any IQ. 32 would have been better to slow the shutter down for creative stuff.
    Steven Kornreich

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